The better way for your scandinavian design brand to sell products

Roomioo provides a new and centralized way for scandinavian design brands to sell their products to design lovers worldwide.

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We're currently working on becoming the largest shopping universe for scandinavian design and your scandinavian design brand can join us.

Our mission

We are challenging the traditional way of online shopping

The mission of Roomioo is to create an international and inspiring shopping experience that goes beyond the traditional way of online shopping. We want to gather the full range from Scandinavian design brands in one place- and spread knowledge of Scandinavian design throughout the world.

meet the founder
meet the founder

Our credibility

Brought to you by the founders of "Bolig Magasinet"

Roomioo didn't just come out of nowhere. With over 20 years of experience from home & design magazines, we have a deep insight into your target market.

Our current reach

Since 2015 we've accumulated +85.000 followers on social media.

Roomioo will always show the newest from your brand. Once the products in your webshop are updated, the products are also automatically updated on Roomioo.

meet the founder

That's all cool! But how would it work?

We charge much lower fees than all of your other retailers

Keep more of your profit in pocket and avoid paying retailers high fees for distributing your brand products. We'll do all the heavy lifting for a fraction of the price.

meet the founder
meet the founder

We take care of the sale. You take care of the fulfillment.

When customers buy on Roomioo, the order is forwarded to your webshop. You just fulfill the order, exactly as if they shopped directly in your brand webshop. This means that you pack and deliver directly to the customer.

We'll also make sure that your products are updated automatically on Roomioo. 

Once you sign with Roomioo, we'll establish a link to your brand webshop and always make sure that all of your products are automatically up-to-date.

meet the founder

The best scandinavian design in one search - together we are stronger

Say 'hej' to team Roomioo.

Roomioo is created by a group of passionate design geeks who loves interior design.
 The team behind Roomioo has many years of experience in both communicating design, styling, furnishing, purchasing and trend spotting
 - all based in the interior industry.

Camilla Høeg
Creative dir. & Partner

Camilla has many years of experience within the design industry. Both as stylist and journalist at Danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet, as a PR and Communication Manager at a large danish design brand and as a design expert on TV. 

Søren Thornberg
CEO. Sale & founder

Søren founded the Danish interior magazine, Bolig Magasinet which is one of the largest interior magazines in Denmark, founded more than 20 years ago. Later Søren founded an advertising agency primarily working with large design brands.

Malene Marie Møller
Creative dir. & Partner

 For 12 years Malene has worked with interior design for private and professional clients. Malene is also the woman behind one of the largest interior and design blogs and Instagram profiles in Denmark,, founded more than 10 years ago. 

Camilla Tuborgh
SoMe & Customer service

Camilla founded the popular webshop: Cahetu, which they ran with great success for many years. Camilla also founded Paia, and was responsible for the entire design process herself.

Anna Rønn Schmidt
PR & Customer service
NY tekst Ny tekst is our office manager in charge of everything around us, she makes our everyday life easier. Louise has previously spent 17 years as an office manager at various media.

Nicolai Arpe
Development manager

Nicolai is a developer and technical genius who has his fingers all the way down in the engine room and ensures that everything plays behind the screen.

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